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When the time comes getting classification elections, Zoey and you will Chase nominate both to possess class president

Once the Lola deals with a light smear promotion against Chase, ahead of Quinn comes in supporting Draw Del Figgalo. While you are within lunch, the 3 women battle more a piece of chocolates cake before Quinn means that Zoey and you may Pursue is essentially tied up in the battle. Just after supper, girls come across Logan was giving out free smoothies to strengthen support getting Chase, ultimately causing tension between your guys in addition to ladies. In the event the female browse the ballots again, Quinn draws their interest to an effective slanderous commercial up against Pursue, seemingly made by Zoey, turning someone against her. In the near future after, Chase appear send and you can acknowledges the guy made the economical in advance of losing out of the race, Zoey following the suit. Regarding the lounge after, folk watches Mark’s invited address.

Troubled Household

Lola are missing within this event. (There was the possibility you to definitely she did not go to the haunted household class as a consequence of this lady fear of people in apparel, while the revealed inside Zoey’s Balloon.)

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