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Characteristics of your own sufferers is displayed within the Desk step 1

Overall performance

Many years, bmi (BMI), and you will a position reputation were equivalent over the populations read, apart from the relatively straight down Body mass index certainly one of Russian people, and better Body mass index certainly Russian females, which is in line with prior education . New ratio of time intake so you’re able to BMR implies potential lower than-reporting, particularly one of the Czech and you will Shine guys, and less therefore one of several Russian victims. Similarly to earlier study, puffing incidence was highest certainly one of Russian guys and you can lowest in the Russian girls . Approximately you to-third regarding Russians and Poles regarding sample hold good School certification in this analysis; the new proportion is down one of several Czech take to.

Absolute energy consumption and energy-modified mineral consumption is actually demonstrated when you look at the Table 2. Russian victims had the higher mean time consumption (guys eleven.eight MJ/go out, fundamental deviation (SD) (3.5); females nine.9 MJ/time, SD (2.9)), since the Czech decide to try had the low (boys MJ/day, SD (3); people 8.2 dMJ/go out, SD (3)). In reality, the brand new Russian try met with the large consumption of nutrition, besides nutritional C and you may alcoholic beverages from which Czech males had the highest intakes, and NSP, folate, calcium, magnesium and you may potassium of which Gloss sufferers met with the large intakes. Desk 3 implies that the power share from healthy protein was comparable among all around three countries.
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