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Sincerity, transparency, and you may reliable information are superb direction to remember when you will be speaking with infants about intercourse

She suggests parents:

  • Respond to all the questions it ask. “If you would like a moment–otherwise are not yes throughout the an answer–’I’m browsing think about can go back to you’–is the route to take,” Dr. Katzenstein says. But remember: You do have to find back to him or her.
  • Accept the new awkwardness. “As this won’t end up being a conversation possibly people might be awaiting, you need to acknowledge you to definitely,” claims Dr. Khadijah Watkins, Associate Manager of your MGH Clay Heart for Match Young Heads. It’s ok to express “Wow, I am effect a small uncomfortable these are it! Think about you?” However, Dr. Watkins warnings mothers never to create the problems in order to derail the dialogue.
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