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S. Court of Appeals on Second Routine was corrected

The metropolis regarding Greece will not break the original Modification by starting their conferences with prayer one comports with your community and you will does not coerce contribution from the nonadherents. New wisdom of your own U.


1 * The principle Justice and you will Justice Alito signup so it opinion entirely. Fairness Scalia and you will Fairness Thomas sign up it thoughts except about Part II–B.

Fairness Kennedy , inserted from the Captain Fairness and Justice Alito , ended in part II–B you to an undeniable fact-sensitive inquiry one to takes into account the form where in actuality the prayer arises while the audience so you can who it’s led suggests that the city isn’t coercing its owners to take part in a spiritual observation. The prayer options try evaluated against the background out of an ancient routine showing you to definitely prayer has become area of the State’s traditions and you will traditions.
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