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Participants have been expected to statement having sexual intercourse with a wife while in the lockdown compared to 2019 (41


A total of 1187 individuals decided to take part and you will began the survey; 965 (81.3%) finished it and you may were within the research. Those who finished the brand new survey was earlier typically than those who did not done (twenty-eight.six versus twenty six.2 years, p Regard this dining table:

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Sexual activity

Participants reported an average of just one intercourse mate from inside the 2019, (IQR step 1-3; range: 0-1000) and you may a median of a single intercourse companion (IQR 0-1; range: 0-10) while in the lockdown. Overall, 89.8% () said sex into the 2019 and you may 60.3% () through the lockdown (diff=-31.5%; 95%CI: -32.6, – twenty six.3). Most people (; 53.5%) advertised faster gender while in the lockdown than just throughout 2019 that have a small proportion (; 14.3%) revealing that they were having alot more intercourse. There is certainly no difference between the brand new volume regarding gender from the sex, however it varied across the a long time (p Regard this desk:

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