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Kyoshi’s existence substantially changed <a href=""></a> into the 296 BG

The pair of them almost kissed however, stopped on their own earlier occurred, believing that a relationship is impossible using their additional societal channels and you may responsibilities

Over the years, Yun, Rangi, and you will Kyoshi increased all the more close, this new thought Avatar while the servant girl in particular investing much time together. Certainly Kyoshi’s obligations is to let Yun evaluate many gifts sent to your because of the officials and you can sages out-of within Earth Empire. [17] One night if you find yourself sorting as a result of her or him, Yun place his head in her lap while the one or two joked as much as. None of those said it incident once more, but and in case Yun saw fire lilies however review and ahead between them and Kyoshi until she smiled and you may blushed. [18]

296 BG

Kelsang began to think that she could be the genuine Avatar, even if Kyoshi thought the belief ridiculous.
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